Liinz offers a selection of leathers are declining in many colors, thicknesses and grades. According to the leather furniture is available in full top grain (TG) or top grain and split (SP).

SP AI02 - TG AI02
SP AI10 - TG AI10
SP AI11 - TG AI11
SP AI50 - TG AI50
SP AI60 - TG AI60
SP AI62 - TG AI62
SP AI90 - TG AI90
SP AK00 - TG AK00
SP AK10 - TG AK10
SP AK20 - TG AK20
SP AK22 - TG AK22
SP AK40 - TG AK40

SP AI02 - TG AI02
CORRECTED GRAIN / 0,8 - 1,0 mm
High resistance to wear, soiling and light fastness. Less likelihood of natural characteristics being evident on the finished article.