The nature of leather

Leather is a product of nature, and as such, requires proper care and maintenance to ensure beauty and long life. Leather should be regularly cleaned with a slightly damp cloth to preserve its appearance and texture, and to help prevent damage caused by the effects of dirt build-up. Failure to clean leather could result in premature aging. Using cleaners and conditioners not formulated for the specific type of leather, could cause direct damage and void the terms of this warranty. As leather is not a synthetic material, it cannot be uniform. Variations in shades, texture and visible natural markings, which can be found anyplace on the product, are not considered defects, but are all distinctive features that only add to the beauty of fine quality leather. Leather has a certain elasticity, and adapts easily to the form of the body, therefore a certain amount of stretching on the most commonly used seat cushions is to be expected. Because each leather is unique, Liinz does not guarantee that any leathers used on showroom floor samples, leather swatches or furniture previously purchased, will match in color, grain or texture. You should also be aware that although leather furniture is extremely hardwearing, it will change in appearance over the years.

Care and Maintenance of Leather Furniture

A piece of furniture that is in daily use is exposed to external stress. It is important to be aware of the following if the leather is to retain its beauty for years to come:

For these reasons, Liinz recommends the following usage :